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Natural Intelligence

תיאור קצר Natural Intelligence is a successful internet company, specializing in performance-based online marketing.
Our clients, some of which are among the biggest and most prominent websites worldwide, utilize our
marketing platform to enhance their online presence and promote their exposure to potential customers.
Established in 2009 by Nir Greenberg, CEO, with no external investors, Natural Intelligence now
enjoys wide-ranging success and significant turnover as a private Israeli company.

Our Research and Development department promotes the success of the business decisionmaking
process by creating complex systems based on vast databases. The department is also
responsible for developing applications and automatic systems for our marketing platform. Our
software engineers mainly use Ruby on Rails, one of the most advanced Web programming
languages available, to allow for exceedingly high technological results.
מיקום Tel Aviv
כמות עובדים 100-1,000
מצב active
מגייסת כן
מנוהלת ע''י Idan Ben-Arie
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