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תיאור קצר FTBpro is the largest fan-driven media brand in football, delivering the latest news and analysis from over 2,000 contributors worldwide. Football writers join the platform to publish journalistic articles, create top football content and participate in the debate.

FTBpro’s mission is to champion fan-generated media as a key ingredient of sports journalism.

FTBpro includes multilingual support in English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Turkish, Portuguese, Vietnamese and Indonesian. With a network of over 200 team communities in Europe, South America and Asia, FTBpro’s content is consumed by a global audience of millions via online media, mobile platforms and handheld devices. FTBpro receives over 200 million page views and over 500 million Facebook and Twitter impressions monthly.
The Innovation
At FTBpro we believe that football is a single global language and that with the right tools football fans worldwide can become fan journalists, getting their opinions heard. We set out to push the boundaries of combining journalism and technology, and achieved a highly scalable media platform which gives fan opinions a single global voice.

Citizen journalism: By providing a self-publishing platform for football, FTBpro is recognising passion and turning it into journalistic work. With a strict editorial curation process in place, FTBpro is democratising the sport media landscape without losing content quality.

Technology: FTBpro content generation tools are the richest in online football. Match predictions, videos, slideshows, team line-ups and player rankings are amongst a wealth of features you will find on the platform.

Interactivity: FTBpro redefines the way football media is generated and consumed. It's no longer just text, but an interactive, global, two-way conversation.
מיקום Tel Aviv
כמות עובדים 20-100
מצב active
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מנוהלת ע''י Dor Kalev
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